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Training is a two-way process. The Instructor will pass on information, knowledge and skills to the Potential Driving Instructor who will need enthusiasm, interest and determination to acquire the necessary skills to become a successful and fully Qualified Driving Instructor.

Our Nationwide Driving Instructors Training Course includes



L PlatesPart 1: Theory and Hazard Perception

Your first Driving Instructor Test is a theory exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions and hazard perception.

After enrolling on the Approved Driving Instructors Course you, will receive a Home Study Pack from Freetrain consisting of multiple choice questions and hazard perception on DVD. These can be studied and completed at home in your own time and at your convenience.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Part 1 of your training your Personal Trainer is always there to help.

After completing the questions and hazard perception sheets you will be ready to take the Theory Test. Along with the Theory Test you will also be given a Hazard Perception Test and the two together complete Part One of your training.

L PlatesPart 2: Driving Ability

This is a hands on, on the road course where all traininig takes place in the car. We teach and refine your driving skills to ensure you reach the high standards of the Driving Standards Agency.

Pupils of all walks of life join us on our training course and our Freetrain Instructors will correct any bad habits you may have to train you to the required level of driving standards

L PlatesPart 3: Instructional Ability

This part of the training prepares you for the Instructional Ability Test, which is an essential skill for any Driving Instructor. The training takes place in the car and you will also be required to do home study.

Once the 40 hour Training Course is completed you may be awarded a Trainee Licence. Now the training you have received will really kick in and your own road and driving experience will also be drawn on. A Trainee Licence will allow you to work with a Driving School and give paid Driving Instructions before taking the Part 3 Test. This can only be obtained after successfully passing the Part 2 Test, this Licence has a duration of six months.

Practical experience gained in this way will be essential in preparing you for the Part 3 Test and will confirm that you are heading for success. At this stage the work with a Driving School can still be fitted in around your current commitments.

Freetrain will provide the extra twenty hours training you need by law to allow you to reach the Test standard and there are no additional costs. This training course is subject to terms and conditions

Read more about the Instructional Ability Test

L PlatesGetting Started

For more information about becoming a Driving Instructor with training from Freetrain please contact us on 0800 61 62 71, mobile: 07850 778 102 or complete our online enquiry form[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”24″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”appear”][/vc_column][/vc_row]